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Open Access
Phylogenetic diversity and morphological characterization of cordycipitaceous species in Taiwan
W.Y. Chuang, Y.C. Lin, B. Shrestha, J.J. Luangsa-ard, M. Stadler, S.S. Tzean, S. Wu, C.C. Ko, S.Y. Hsieh, M.L. Wu, S.C. Wang, T.L. Shen, H.A. Ariyawansa Studies in Mycology 109: 1–56 (2024). 

Open Access
Proposal of one new family, seven new genera and seventy new basidiomycetous yeast species mostly isolated from Tibet and Yunnan provinces, China
Y.-L. Jiang, W.-J. Bao, F. Liu, G.-S. Wang, A.M. Yurkov, Q. Ma, Z.-D. Hu, X.-H. Chen, W.-N. Zhao, A.-H. Li, Q.-M. Wang Studies in Mycology 109: 57–153 (2024). 

Open Access
Sporocadaceae revisited
P. Razaghi, M. Raza, S.L. Han, Z.Y. Ma, L. Cai, P. Zhao, Q. Chen, D. Phurbu, F. Liu Studies in Mycology 109: 155-272 (2024).