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Open Access
Lessons on fruiting body morphogenesis from genomes and transcriptomes of Agaricomycetes
L.G. Nagy, P.J. Vonk, M. Künzler, C. Földi, M. Virágh, R.A. Ohm, F. Hennicke, B. Bálint, Á. Csernetics, B. Hegedüs, Z. Hou, X.B. Liu, S. Nan, M. Pareek, N. Sahu, B. Szathmári, T. Varga, H. Wu, X. Yang, Z. Merényi
Studies in Mycology 104: 1–85 (2023). supplementary files

Open Access
Fusarium diversity associated with diseased cereals in China, with an updated phylogenomic assessment of the genus
S.L. Han, M.M. Wang, Z.Y. Ma, M. Raza, P. Zhao, J.M. Liang, M. Gao, Y.J. Li, J.W. Wang, D.M. Hu, L. Cai
Studies in Mycology 104: 87–148 (2023). supplementary files