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2022. online only. No hardcopy available

Open Access In progress
Updating species diversity of Colletotrichum, with a phylogenomic overview
F. Liu, Z.Y. Ma, L.W. Hou, Y.Z. Diao, W.P. Wu, U. Damm, S. Song, L. Cai
Pages 1-56

Open Access In progress
Generic boundaries in the Ophiostomatales reconsidered and revised
Z.W. de Beer, M. Procter, M.J. Wingfield, S. Marincowitz, T.A. Duong
Pages 57-120

Open Access In progress
Taxonomy, phylogeny and identification of Chaetomiaceae with emphasis on thermophilic species
X.W. Wang, P.J. Han, F.Y. Bai, A. Luo, K. Bensch, M. Meijer, B. Kraak, D.Y. Han, B.D. Sun, P.W. Crous, J. Houbraken
Pages 121-243

Open Access In progress
Multi-locus phylogeny unmasks hidden species within the specialised spiderparasitic fungus, Gibellula (Hypocreales, Cordycipitaceae) in Thailand
W. Kuephadungphan, B. Petcharad, K. Tasanathai, D. Thanakitpipattana, N. Kobmoo, A. Khonsanit, R.A. Samson, and J.J. Luangsaard
Pages 245-286