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Edited by Robert A Samson
June 2021. online only. No hardcopy available. 

Open Access
Revision of Cerinomyces (DacrymycetesBasidiomycota) with notes on morphologically and historically related taxa
A. Savchenko, J.C. Zamora, T. Shirouzu, V. Spirin, ... O. Miettinen

Open Access
Secondary metabolite biosynthetic diversity in the fungal family Hypoxylaceae and Xylaria hypoxylon
E. Kuhnert, J.C. Navarro-Muñoz, K. Becker, M. Stadler, ... R.J. Cox

Open Access
Re-examination of species limits in Aspergillus section Flavipedes using advanced species delimitation methods and description of four new species
F. Sklenář, Ž. Jurjević, J. Houbraken, M. Kolařík, ... V. Hubka

Open Access
A phylogenetic overview of the Hydnaceae (CantharellalesBasidiomycota) with new taxa from China
Ting Cao, Ya-Ping Hu, Jia-Rui Yu, Tie-Zheng Wei, Hai-Sheng Yuan

Open Access
Population genomics reveals historical and ongoing recombination in the Fusarium oxysporum species complex
A.R. McTaggart, T.Y. James, R.G. Shivas, A. Drenth, ... T.A. Duong