Studies in Mycology is an international journal which publishes systematic monographs of filamentous fungi and yeasts, and special topical issues related to all fields of mycology, biotechnology, ecology, molecular biology, pathology and systematics. The journal is Open-Access and contains monographs or topical issues (5–6 papers per issue). There are no restrictions of length, although it is generally expected that manuscripts should be at least 50 A4 pages in print.


Studies in Mycology No. 101

Open Access In progress
Multi-locus phylogeny unmasks hidden species within the specialised spiderparasitic fungus, Gibellula (Hypocreales, Cordycipitaceae) in Thailand
W. Kuephadungphan, B. Petcharad, K. Tasanathai, D. Thanakitpipattana, N. Kobmoo, A. Khonsanit, R.A. Samson, and J.J. Luangsaard
Pages 245-286

Open Access In progress
Taxonomy, phylogeny and identification of Chaetomiaceae with emphasis on thermophilic species
X.W. Wang, P.J. Han, F.Y. Bai, A. Luo, K. Bensch, M. Meijer, B. Kraak, D.Y. Han, B.D. Sun, P.W. Crous, J. Houbraken
Pages 121-243

Open Access In progress
Generic boundaries in the Ophiostomatales reconsidered and revised
Z.W. de Beer, M. Procter, M.J. Wingfield, S. Marincowitz, T.A. Duong
Pages 57-120

Open Access In progress
Updating species diversity of Colletotrichum, with a phylogenomic overview
F. Liu, Z.Y. Ma, L.W. Hou, Y.Z. Diao, W.P. Wu, U. Damm, S. Song, L. Cai
Pages 1-56


Studies in Mycology No. 100

Human fungal pathogens

Edited by Robert A Samson
September 2021. online only. No hardcopy available

Open Access
Aspergillus fumigatus and aspergillosis: From basics to clinics
A. Arastehfar, A. Carvalho, J. Houbraken, L. Lombardi, ... M. Hoenigl

Open Access
Trends in the molecular epidemiology and population genetics of emerging Sporothrix species
J.A. de Carvalho, M.A. Beale, F. Hagen, M.C. Fisher, ... A.M. Rodrigues

Open Access
Exploring genetic diversity, population structure, and phylogeography in Paracoccidioides species using AFLP markers
T.N. Roberto, J.A. de Carvalho, M.A. Beale, F. Hagen, ... A.M. Rodrigues

Open Access
Comparative genomic analysis of clinical Candida glabrata isolates identifies multiple polymorphic loci that can improve existing multilocus sequence typing strategy
A. Arastehfar, M. Marcet-Houben, F. Daneshnia, S.J. Taj-Aldeen, ... D.S. Perlin